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2019-06-17 , Moderator
CBD (short for cannabinoids) are found in the cannabis sativa plant. If you haven't heard about this on the health and wellness circuit over the last 12 months, you've been living under a rock. Not sure how it could help you?
2019-08-14 , Moderator
You’re tracking your eating and exercise meticulously but not seeing results. Has your metabolism slowed to a crawl? Are your hormones off? Is it really possible to GAIN weight from eating too LITTLE? Here’s what’s really going on—and how to solve it.
2019-05-12, Moderator
Who is Jordan Feno? I am a die hard tattoo collector who has been in the game for close to seven years now. I have collected over 400 hours of work from about 30 artists so far.
2019-08-14, Moderator
Many people choose to get a tattoo, usually to honor a memory of someone or something.
2019-08-14, Moderator
Sleeve tattoos can be rather spectacular. with so much time and effort being put into the detail of the design...
2019-08-15, Moderator
The tale of how tattooing emerged as a bonifide trade in America is a fascinating account...
2019-08-19, Moderator-1
arthur rubinoff, 43, opened the roll down gate on a storefront along columbus avenue in manhattan. “coming soon,” read a sign on the door. “nyc barber museum shop.”
2019-08-19, Moderator-1
For centuries, Barbers have been entrusted with the grooming needs of men from all walks of life.
2019-08-19, Moderator
Which is better, a short, manicured beard or a long, natural beard?
2019-08-19, Moderator-1
On a recent trip to Washington I had the rare experience of some free time between meetings.
2019-08-16, Moderator-1
When it comes to die-hard beauty rules, using sunscreen regularly is nonnegotiable. (Just ask any dermatologist.)
2019-08-16, Moderator
For many of us, the lasting appeal of nail art is that we can express our tastes (no matter how wild or subdued) without the aesthetic confines of hair and makeup. It’s a mini act of self-presentation.
2019-08-16, Moderator
Undertones and skin tones; choosing the right foundation...
2019-08-16, Moderator
Lately, the ingredient list on your shampoo reads like your smoothie order.
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There’s a Soaring New Residential Tower Above New York’s Museum of Modern Art

Ever wanted to live in a world-class art museum? Now you can—sort of.
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Supreme’s latest collection for Fall 2019 is set to drop soon, but it’s the luxury street wear brand’s wide range of accessories that steal the show.
Gucci wants consumers to know it’s making diversity and inclusion a priority going forward.